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Specification sheet 01.07.2022

To place an order for manipulator of Rekord Engineering

Filled in specification sheet is not the legal document at solving controversial issues

Responsible person (Full name, position)
Contact person/phone number
QuestionsAnswers (preferably answer all questions)
1 Characteristics of the product to be manipulated (MP)*
1.1 Weight, kg
1.2 Configuration (drawing(s) or sketch(s))**
1.3. Drawing(s) of manipulated product, indicating the area(as) of location (which part surface can be used for manipulator grip. If manipulated product is not changed, please provide MANDATORILY drawings before and after modification **
1.4 The position for each item (blank) tare, installation on the machine, installation of the finished item in a tare)?
1.5 Which distance between product is used in a tare?
1.6 Material
1.7 Contamination of the surface during operation
2 Path of travel
2.1 From which height the part is gripped and on which height is it placed?
2.2 Distance between surfaces (tables)
2.3 Additional information
3 The necessity of rotation/turning over during handling
3.1 Rotation about horizontal axis
3.2 Rotation about vertical axis
3.3 Combined rotation
4 Planning of the working place
4.1 Possible limitations on manipulator size
4.2 The layout with reference to equipment**

*If several manipulated products are used, provide information on every manipulated product

** Please provide in attachment

If you have questions on filling in the specification sheer, please call: (343) 371-77-55, 8-800-200-71-25