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Hand manipulator

Rekord Engineering produces analogue of robotic arm with hose lifting device Jumbo, Manipulators developed by our company differ from foreign analogues with flexible adaptation to process and better price/quality ratio.

At the production of robotic arm, we use only European accessories and the price is the same. To buy robotic arm or find out the price of customized production, please call on the phones indicated at our site.

Boom manipulator, polypanthograph, panthograph, column

Figure 1 - In-house manipulators, developed by Rekord Engineering

The role of robotics in production is constantly growing. Modern manipulators help to perform high-precision work faster, better and cheaper. The only drawback of this technology is the lack of the ability to generate ideas.

The manipulator is a complex device consisting of links, servos and sensors. Wires and microcircuits are located inside the manipulator. The construction resembles a human hand. There is a shoulder, an elbow, a brush and a grip. All these devices are located on one basement.

A robotic arm of good quality is able to perform complex actions requiring filigree accuracy. Simple models can move objects, carry out painting work, cut metal and so on. The first samples did not even have sensors and could perform only one program. Now everything has changed. Robots themselves determine the position in the space of an object and carry out the necessary actions. Moreover, the devices became programmable. The operator personally makes an algorithm of work for any production.

Thanks to the science of telematics, the mechanical manipulator arm received "eyes". Now the sensor system evaluates the external conditions and, based on them, makes a decision about this or that action. Built-in computer which has great computing capabilities is responsible for the processing of data. The operator only indicates what actions to be done, and the system itself chooses the path to achieve the intended goal.

Gripper for auto-wheel, tube, towing head, allowing to move the product in mutually perpendicular axes, gripper for profile

Figure 2 - In-house grippers, developed by Rekord Engineering


Application features are regulated by the fact that in modern production the owners of factories and plants try to prevent injury to their personnel. As a result, the robotic arm is widely used in high-risk environments. Where a person used to wear a special suit or a space suit before, the robot can easily cope alone.

Initially, manipulators were used in engineering. Their use has enabled the production flow to be continuous and reduce staff errors to a minimum. Innovator in this industry is the company BMW, it has the most advanced cyber technology at the moment.

By the beginning of the 21st century, robot manipulators started to migrate to all branches of the national economy. They are used for harvesting, as well as organizing the process of poultry and livestock. Dreams of geniuses of robotics are becoming true, more and more being introduced into the production process. The level of automation is steadily growing, giving the opportunity to do work faster and better.

Robot does not need good lighting or proper air ventilation to perform their tasks. Constant power source is enough. It is required to carry out periodic maintenance to provide the constant operation of robotic arm.

Peculiarities and advantages of mechanical robotic arm

The robot can work 24 hours a day without rest. He does not need breaks and coffee. Without modern manipulators, no high-tech production could work with such efficiency. All manipulators are divided into three types. There are fully automatic models controlled by the internal program and remote analogues. The third type is combined devices.

The following advantages of mechanical robot arm are important:

Some structures can consist of two and even three arms, operating from one computing unit. The basement can be movable or static. In the first case, robot uses tracks or wheels for movement, in the second case it uses guide rail.

Robot arm JUMBO

Modular system of robot arm Jumbocan execute almost all activities:

With the help of a robot arm Jumbo, all operations for moving loads can be performed faster, more rationally and more safely. Modular system allows you to find a solution for almost any task, it is also possible to select the optimal vacuum suction cup for lifting a particular load.