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Overview of manipulators Manibo

Manipulator Manibo We suggest to review articles about Manipulators Manibo made in Italy.

Company Manibo

The same as Dalmec and Famatec, Manibo is of Italian origin and confidently occupies the market segment on the sale of industrial manipulators. The Italian manufacturers of this product offer a very large assortment of industrial manipulators of different carrying capacity, with different types of grippers, and all products of these companies are distinguished by high manufacturing quality, exceptional reliability and modern industrial design.

Manipulators ManiboManipulators Manibo are in great demand on the market, because one of the priority areas of the company's activities is the development and manufacture of non-standard manipulators. The customer is enough to explain to the company's specialists on layperson terms what he requires and his order will be executed exactly as required by the client. This is one of the reasons why Manibo is considered the leading European manufacturer of industrial manipulators.

Manipulators, produced by Manibo, are used in different industrial areas, including aircraft building and creation of space crafts.

Manipulators Manibo can be of universal service as well as can be provided for the execution of definite types of works. Manipulators of this type are assigned to definite working place and perform one operation. The most part of company product is given to manipulators, provided for the execution of specially defined operations.

Types of Manibo manipulators

Manibo VACULEX for panels

This manipulator is provided for movement of flat wooden panels in shops and in warehouses of woodworking and cabinet making.


This manipulator has small carrying capacity and can move on guide rails within handling area.



Manipulator is equipped with vacuum suction cups for operation with sheet material.

Manibo BFB

Manibo BFA or BFC

This manipulator is provided for handling small size and weight loads inside assembly shop or warehouse.

Besides development and production of manipulators the company also produces a wide range of replaceable vacuum suction cups.