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Overview of manipulators Indeva

Think-piece on Manipulators Scaglia INDEVA Group describes the company products, as well as technical characteristics of some models of manipulators Indeva.

Scaglia INDEVA Group

IndevaIndeva found in 1838 the facility Scaglia over time, has become a powerful industrial group operating in many industries. Since 2004, the company is widely known all over the world as Scaglia INDEVA. After the modernization, the updated company produces equipment for the precise movement and lifting of loads. Its products are used practically all over the world and in many industries, in particular, in the automotive, electronic, electrical, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, glass fiber and cable industries, in the manufacture of various equipment.

INDEVA products

Main products of Indeva are various industrial robot manipulators, some of them were developed by this company for the first time in the world, eg. system LIFTRONIC. Manipulators of this series are equipped with microprocessor smart system instead of standard pneumatic control system. The function of automatic balancing was used in these manipulators. All this allows us to achieve high accuracy, smoothness and speed of movement of goods. Manipulators Indeva, compared with traditional ones are lighter, more compact, are controlled by a simple touch to the control handle or to the load. Parts, weighing tens of kilograms are easily lifted and moved with the help of them.

Manipulators Indeva By means of manipulators Indeva series PN parts weighing up to 250kg can be easily moved, lifted, rotated. They are designed to work also in of high explosive and fire hazard conditions. Structurally they are fully pneumatic and automatically balanced manipulators.

All robot manipulators manufactured by Indeva meet the high standards of the EU. Particular attention in their development and production is given to the requirements for ergonomics and safety. Thus, the drop of the load during operation is excluded, even if the supply of compressed air or electricity is stopped. A multi-level system of protection from abnormal situations is applied. All Indeva equipment have high reliability. One of the important operational properties is also its flexibility. Thus, the basic models of manipulators include the use of all kinds of devices, special equipment, various types of grips (mechanical, magnetic, vacuum). Grips can be selected from the specification or manufactured according to Customer requirements, based on the real conditions of the manipulator application.

Main models of INDEVA manipulators


Indeva Liftronic Air

Indeva Liftronic Easy

Indeva Liftruck

Indeva Pn Compatto (pnc)

Indeva Pn Ergo

Indeva Pn Flex

Indeva Pn Zip (pnz)