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Overview of manipulators Famatec

Article on Manipulators Famatec describes the company, principle of work, as well as technical characteristics of some models of pneumatic manipulators.


A relatively young company Famatec was founded in Italy in 1988, and immediately announced itself, launching a range of industrial manipulators for a wide range of applications. Manipulators Famatec featured high quality, reliability and use in the design and manufacture, ergonomic design and the latest technology. The products of this company are widely known all over the world.

In addition to industrial manipulators, Famatec manufactures special manipulators for working with glass (vacuum hoists) equipped with special vacuum suction cups-grippers, in a quantity of 4 pieces-at a sufficiently large distance from each other to lift large sheets of glass.

Main line of manipulators Famatec


FAMATECGINGO 250S, 350,400

Manipulator is provided for replacement and installation of glass and glass panels of different thickness and size. Manipulator is placed on movable carriage, equipped with four vacuum suction cups and counterbalance and stabilization system.

Compressor for vacuum cups is powered form battery. Charger is included in the scope of the supply. Moreover, glass sheet can be rotated parallel to the carriage and the whole structure can enter the opening of 1600 mm width.


This manipulator is equipped with a system of swivel arms with vacuum grip. The system is ideally balanced by a special pneumatic cylinder, so no manual effort is required to lift and move the load.


This specialized manipulator is designed to install large packs of paper on rotary printing machines. Its base is made up of two sliding plates with vacuum suction cups. This design allows you to move packs of paper of any standard format. The manipulator is available in two configurations:



Manipulators Famatec can be equipped with remote control and to provide control of the set operation video cameras and display is used. This allows application of manipulators in hazardous and dangerous facilities, for example, only remote controlled manipulators can be used for handling atomic reactor or for replacement of fuel rods.