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Non-standard equipment plant

We meet the needs of our Customers, do not use series production.

As a rule, during the reconstruction, technical re-equipment or organization of a new production, designers, technologists or managers face production tasks that cannot be solved with the help of serially produced equipment. Often to solve such problems, one's own forces are involved - the designers and technologists of the mechanical departments, or other services. It is clear that these production services are optimized for the performance of their permanent (daily) tasks. Theoretically, these specialists are fully capable of designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment. However, their engagement in solving new tasks often contradicts their ability to perform daily work. Engaging design organizations for the development of non-standard equipment is almost always unpromising, since such work for the majority of design organizations is a secondary one.

The plant of non-standard equipment Rekord Engineering occupies the niche of designing and producing non-standard equipment, releasing the Customer's own forces.

How do we do this?

We produce high-quality equipment
From the need for non-standard equipment, before its implementation is a huge way. Starting from the formulation of the task and up to putting into commercial operation, the equipment is constantly being improved. Modification and additions are made in its structure to improve its characteristics. Making this process smooth for the customer and the executer is not an easy task.

The plant of non-standard equipment Rekord Engineering has the required flexibility during the production of the equipment..

We pay great attention to the preparatory part - the preparation of the Customer's Initial Requirements (CIR). For this, Rekord Engineering developed a company standard designed to facilitate the formulation of equipment requirements for the Customer. In most cases, Rekord Engineering specialists perform preliminary analysis of the tasks with the participation of the Customer representatives, prepare the preliminary revision of the CIR and transfer it to the Customer for further correction.

The initial stage of development is of great importance. It is at this stage that the future form of the equipment is determined. It is very important that both the Customer and the Executer equally understand the type of the future equipment. Therefore, we develop an electronic prototype and conduct its analysis. The results of the analysis and general types of equipment are provided to the Customer for timely modification and approval.

Careful development of the equipment form at the initial stage, made by Rekord Engineering as part of standard procedure is the guaranty of its high quality.