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Production of non-standard equipment Besides the production of manipulators, the second important field of activity of Rekord Engineering is the design and production of non-standard equipment by Customer drawings for any types of industry: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical, food industry ant etc.

Since 2009 non-standard equipment factory of Rekord Engineering has become the member of Mechanical engineering enterprise union of Sverdlovsk region and mainly focuses on this sphere of mechanical engineering.

To order the development and production of non-standard equipment you can call: +7 (343) 371-82-25 // 371-77-55, or send the application form to e-mail: com@rekord-eng(точка)com.

Engineering of non-standard equipment

It is more convenient to order the development of non-standard equipment to the company that main activity of which is engineering and introduction of non-standard equipment. One of the leading companies of this very important activity is Rekord Engineering from Ekaterinburg.

Engineering of non-standard equipment Basic activity of the company is engineering, development and production of non-standard process and industrial equipment for enterprises of any profile.

Rekord Engineering is –experimental design office where qualified specialists are engaged in the design of non-standard equipment, at this stage modern technologies, such as 3D modelling using computer aided design or Computer-AidedDesign (CAD) are widely used.

Based on this unique technologies, virtual 3D model of the designed equipment is created, analysis of functionality of the designed object is performed and required modifications are made. Certainly, all preliminary calculations and modifications are carried out at direct involvement of Customer representatives.

Production of non-standard equipment

Having made all clarifications and agreements, engineering-design documentation package is issued and further execution of the order is transmitted to non-standard equipment factory that is the part of Rekord Engineering.

production of non-standard equipment On the factory non-standard equipment is produced and tested, then company specialists perform installation of the finished equipment at Customer facility.

These activities include the complex of commissioning activities, guaranty and post-guaranty service and repair, training of operating staff, if required. Besides in-house design, specialists of the company can produce any equipment by Customer drawings and sketches.

Rekord Engineering is not only engaged in development and introduction of non-standard process equipment, company specialists can solve complex tasks relevant to automation and robotic automation of the whole enterprise. It shall be noted that non-standard equipment can represent complex process unit and perform very important functions in the production chain.

This unit can represent a unique manipulator based om pneumatics and hydraulics, non-standard handling device or conveyor type never used before. Company specialists apply utmost technical innovations and modern technologies.