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Washing units

washing machines for parts and assemblies Rekord Engineering supplies washing units for cleaning parts, aggregates and units of industrial equipment. We are not only suppliers, but also manufacturers of industrial washing machines, complexes and other cleaning equipment, so we can offer customization according to individual characteristics. We give a guarantee for all the supplied products, we also perform installation and commissioning of washing facilities for washing and cleaning of parts. For detailed information, please contact our specialists from sales department.

To order production or consult the specialist, please contact us on one of the phones, specified on our site.

Industrial washing unit for parts is a high-tech unit, designed to clean metal components and small aggregates from contamination appeared during the production cycle. During the process of metal processing operations, fine chips, metallic dust, as well as emulsion and mineral oils remain on the parts. All these contaminants shall be removed before performing further operations and before sending the finished units to the finished product warehouse. The process of washing and cleaning of parts is especially important in galvanic plants.

Constructive peculiarities of part and unit washing plants

Washing of parts and assemblies washing plant for parts consists of several units combined in one complex. The structure of industrial washing machines depends upon the materials for which the machine is designed. For degreasing and washing of the large number of small parts, washing units are equipped with special basket, where the batch of parts is placed.

Washing, degreasing solution, heated to the required temperature, is fed under pressure to the nozzles. The nozzles are rigidly fixed to the walls of the working tank, and the basket with parts is connected to an electric drive that rotates the loading container with the parts, resulting in a uniform degreasing and washing of the products. Washing of parts and assemblies involves the use of alkaline highly active water-based washing fluids. After complete degreasing, they are subjected to several cycles of rinsing and drying with hot air.

Washing units of the carousel type are used to clean the complex configuration parts. The main constructive element of such a machine is the rotary table, on which the parts intended for washing are placed. When the table rotates, the parts are moved sequentially from the hot cleaning area to the rinse area and then into the drying area. The processing chambers are insulated with one another, which prevents contaminated solution from entering the rinse area.

Cleaning of oversize materials

Washing units for parts washing Washing unit for large size and weight parts and assemblies is equipped with an extended platform, where a large-sized product is fixed. In this structure the platform remains stationary, and the nozzles mounted on special frames move around the part. The product is processed in all planes, which ensures a uniform cleaning of the product from all sides. After the degreasing cycle, the part is rinsed and dried with a jet of hot air. For the cleaning of long parts, units with nozzles that perform reciprocating action.

Our company is a developer of non-standard process equipment, including washing units for parts and assemblies. We deliver of washing complexes and plants, but the main activity area is the development, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of unique units according to the technical characteristics that are provided by our customers. Our factory capacity allows the company to maintain competitive prices. In its production we use innovative technologies and advanced industrial developments. This allows the manufactured process equipment to compete successfully with the world's leading manufacturers in terms of price / quality ratio.