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Pipe washing

Industrial pipe washing Non-standard equipment plant Rekord Engineering supplies units for internal and external pipe washing (on stock and tailor made). For enquiries, call +7 (343) 371-77-55 (Ekaterinburg), +7 (495) 973-45-16 (Moscow), +7 (7172) 27-95-03 (Astana).

Among the various units used for degreasing and cleaning of metal parts, assemblies and units, the units for external and internal cleaning of pipes are in great demand. Such units are in great demand in oil and gas, chemical and food industries. Washing of pipes requires special equipment and certain engineering solutions, which are determined by the length of the pipe and its diameter.

Structurally this unit consists of two independent assemblies:

The pipe requiring cleaning is installed on a special table, after which the operator switches on the external cleaning mode. The nozzle block moves along the pipe, while alkaline solution heated to a temperature of 900 °C is fed under high pressure to the block, as soon as the nozzle head reaches the end of the pipe, the optoelectronic system turns the block back travel on. Depending on the degree of contamination, the process of external cleaning of the pipe can be repeated many times.

Pipe washing The speed of the unit and the number of nozzles can be adjusted, if required. After the external cleaning is completed, the carriage, equipped with a compact electric motor, is placed inside the pipe and the cleaning process of the inner surface is carried out. The following system turns on the reverse mode after the carriage reaches the end of the pipe. In the internal washing mode, a high-pressure pump is connected and the motor moves the carriage at a speed that can be adjusted. The number of carriage passes is also selected and set by the operator. This unit allows the connection of pumps with a pressure of up to 1000 Bar

A washing unit of this type has a demountable modular design that can be installed and assembled in the right place. This is determined by the fact that the plant allows for efficient cleaning of pipes up to 12 meters in length and up to 250 millimeters in diameter. Some companies produce well-established washing machines that clean not only round products, but also square, oval and triangular pipes. The only drawback of such units is the restriction on the length and diameter of the pipes to be cleaned. The length of the product is determined by the dimensions of the working chamber and shall not exceed 3000 mm.

In such machines, a carriage with nozzles is not provided for cleaning of the internal surface, and the cleaning process is carried out in a special rotating drum where a hot cleaning solution is sprayed under high pressure. The duration of the cleaning cycle and the temperature of the alkaline solution is set on the control unit. After cleaning, the pipes are dried with hot air.

Pipe washing Record Engineering offers a wide range of units for highly efficient cleaning of pipes of any diameter. Our Customers often require non-standard equipment for processing large diameter pipes and lengths exceeding the capacity of the washing units that are available. The engineering and technical center of our company accepts applications for the development and manufacture of equipment for cleaning pipes according to the project of our Customers. For this, it is sufficient to specify the length and cross-section of the pipe in the job assignment, and our specialists will develop a unique technical solution that will be introduced in the finished product.