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Washing units

Rekord Engineering produces in-house industrial washers for parts and assemblies. We guarantee the quality of our equipment, as the production became perfect for a long period of work! We can design and manufacture washer for the units and assemblies at your manufacturing facility and according to your requirements. Also we will make installation, commissioning and training of your personnel!

You can order a washing unit or consult a specialist on the issues of interest on the phone +7 (343) 371-77-55 (Ekaterinburg) // 8-800-200-71-25 (hot line in Russia).

Structural peculiarities for washer for assemblies

Industrial washing of parts is carried out exclusively in the specialized equipment, which is able to clean the part from any contamination in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way.

Design features of the washer for units and assemblies depend on the purpose of the washing machine and the number of products that it can simultaneously process. To carry out the operation of degreasing and preparing parts for subsequent washing, the washing equipment is equipped with special baskets, where the batch of parts is placed.

The washing solution, preheated to the most comfortable temperature, is fed to the nozzles, which are rigidly fixed to the walls of the working tank. In turn, the basket has an electric drive, and under the current it constantly turns, ensuring the rotation of the container with the parts.

Washing machine types

Using special washing machines can help to remove various contaminations at production facilities. They have all the necessary equipment to clean the parts or equipment components from dirt effectively and competently.

Depending upon models, washing assemblies can be divided into several main groups:

  1. Portable units that can be easily moved in the production shop. However, this type of the equipment is not capable of processing a large number of parts.
  2. A highly specialized equipment that can only be used within one industry area.
  3. Universal washing machines, designed to work with various types of parts and assemblies.

Automatic washer for assemblies: main advantages

Washing machines for cleaning parts and assemblies have perfectly proved themselves in all spheres of industrial production facilities, but more often they can be found at the enterprises of machine-building orientation and fuel and energy sphere. Due to the fact that these enterprises use a wide variety of chemical components and compositions, the presence of contaminants on the parts becomes a real problem. It is not always possible to remove contaminants manually, especially when working with large-size equipment.

In comparison with manual washer, specialized washing unit has a wide range of advantages, among which:

Rekord Engineering offers a huge variety of washing machines, which can be upgraded if the Customer requires. Washer for parts and units, produced by our company is characterized by excellent performance and high production factors. When manufacturing equipment, we use only high-quality and modern materials, which can guarantee the excellent quality of washing machines.