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When the pallets of the conveyor are stopped during the clock cycle (cycle: travel- stop - travel ...), first of all the analysis of the state of pallets travel is carried out. If the pallet remains stationary for 5 seconds, the industrial washing machine starts the washing cycle. The state of the pallets is evaluated by capacitance-type sensor (it is installed on the conveyor- if the repeated signal is not received, control system accepts the pallet stop status).

Washing machines for production facilities

Industrial washing machines Washing of parts in an industrial washing machine for manufacturing is organized using the economic consumption of the washing solution.

Before operation of industrial washing machine, the tank with a clean solution is full, the internal washing tank and the container for the dirty (spent) solution are empty.

To start the operation of industrial washing equipment, internal tank shall be filled in with clean solution.

Washing cycle consists of washing, rinsing and blowing with compressed air (the duration of each operation is adjustable).

Industrial washing machines Washing of parts and units in the washing machine is performed with the circulation of the solution in the internal tank. When washing is finished, it is rinsed with clean solution and blowing with compressed air.

Since a clean solution is added to the inner tank of an industrial washing machine, the level in the tank gradually increases. When the level of the upper level sensor is reached, the drain pump is turned on and part of the solution from the internal tank is pumped into the container with the dirty (spent) solution. The drain pump provides a constant level in the internal tank of the washing machine.

The algorithm of operation of industrial washing equipment allows to constantly maintain the required level of contamination of the solution in the internal tank of an industrial washing machine due to the run time of the rinsing operation.

The longer the rinsing time, the cleaner the solution in the internal tank of the industrial washing machine and the more intensive the clean solution is used.

This method of washing allows maintaining the stable efficiency of industrial washing equipment throughout the whole shift.

industrial high pressure washers Pumps of industrial cleaning equipment are self-priming and are not afraid of "dry running", the filter is regenerated (cleaned) without its disassembling. For regeneration, it is sufficient to turn the filter regeneration handle 90 degrees for a short period during the operation of the washing machine circulation pump. In this case, the precipitate in the filter will drain through the bottom part of the filter.

The collection of solutions from pallets of industrial washing equipment (in case of leaks in the elements of washing equipment) is carried out by a drain pump, to do this it is required to connect the hose to the three-way valve, turn its handle 90 degrees and switch on the drain mode. The drain pump will pump the collected solution into a dirty solution tank.

The materials are dried by circulating hot air in the drying unit.

Efficiency of the industrial washing machine can be adjusted by the change of:

The total time of industrial washing machine cycle for manufacturing shall not exceed the clock time of the conveyor.