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Washing lines

Rekord Engineering offers industrial washing complexes 0RE041A, 0RE042A and others, as well as in-house washing lines. We are ready to execute orders by individual parameters and dimensions.

To buy washing line or find out the price, you can call us: +7 (343) 371-77-55 (Ekaterinburg), +7 (495) 973-45-16 (Moscow).

Washing line structure

The parts are washed with water solutions that are fed economy mode by special dosing devices. The washing line is equipped with three tanks:

Before conveyor start, tank for solution is filled with washing liquid. The process of cleaning consists of the following actions:

During the cleaning process, the washing solution circulates through the inner tank and removes dirt form the product. Then, in the same tank, the parts are rinsed with a clean solution. Gradually, the level of contaminated liquid in the tank rises and when the filling sensor is activated, the drain pump turns on, and a certain amount of used washing liquid is pumped into the mud solution tank and the inner tank is filled with a clean solution.

The drain pump of the washing line is switched on periodically and maintains a constant level of liquid in the working (internal tank) of the line. Due to the rinsing operation time, a certain level of contamination of the solution is maintained in the working tank. The longer the rinsing process, the cleaner the washing solution in the tank.

he system is equipped with purification filters, on which solid particles that have been removed from the parts are collected. To clean the filters, you do not need to stop the production process. It is enough to turn the handle and the whole sediment will merge through a special branch pipe into a separate container. Leakage of a small amount of washing liquid is allowed, which is collected in pallets. Removal of liquid from pallets is carried out by a drain pump through the hose system. After washing and rinsing, the parts are transported to the drying chamber, where they are dried by a jet of hot air.

The electronic control unit allows you to specify a different algorithm for the washing line. You can set any time of washing, rinsing and drying operations, depending on the configuration of the parts and the degree of contamination. In order to achieve high cleaning efficiency, you can use a wide range of detergent fluids with different activity levels.

Washing line 0RE087

Washing complex 0RE087 Washing line 0RE087 is designed for washing of internal and external pipe portions under high pressure.

The washing of the external pipe surface is performed at the rotation of the pipe. The washing of the internal pipe surface is performed when the pipe is not rotating.

The control is carried out by one operator in half-automatic mode.

Washing line 0RE135

Washing complex 0RE135 Washing line 0RE135 is designed for washing aluminum parts before welding. Single loading of every bath is 1 ton.

The parts are placed in the basket and are moved through the baths with the help of an auto operator. The parts are treated with a solution and further rinsed in distilled water in baths.

Tanks for intermediate storage of the water solution, distiller, treating unit and pump unit with in-line heaters are installed in the complex.