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Washing equipment Rekord Engineering produce in-house and customized industrial washing equipment: washing machines and equipment for washing devices at the manufacturing.

Industrial washing equipment for washing of parts is used as part of floor mounted or hanging clock conveyors. Industrial washing machine units (washing and drying units) are located along the conveyor at a distance of a multiple stem of the conveyor.

In any production of metals and alloy materials, it becomes necessary to wash the products from contamination. First of all, these are small metal particles, dust and mineral oils. To perform this operation, industrial washing equipment is used to clean the units. Surfactant-based water-based detergents are widely used as the main reagent. Depending on the characteristics of industrial production, the type and principle of operation of the washing equipment for parts may vary, as the companies produce a wide range of cleaning equipment.

Types and characteristics of washing equipment for parts and units

The following types of washing equipment are used in the production facilities:

Industrial washing equipment Equipment for washing units with vertical loading is the compact units, provided for complete cleaning of small parts of simple configuration. After washing the parts are dried with hot air.

Industrial washing equipment, equipped with extended platform is used for cleaning of machines from metal dust and oil, large size parts but of simple configuration. Depending upon the type of washing machine the loading of operating basket can reach 1000 kg.

Jet washing machines are used for cleaning of large number of small parts or parts with complex configuration. Surfactant-based water-based detergent is supplied through nozzles under constant pressure that ensures cleaning of the most difficult to clean surfaces.

Conveyor and tunnel units have the highest performance and can be the part of continuous production line. The following cycle of operations is performed inside washing tunnel:

In some structures brushes can be used for perfect cleaning of parts of complex configuration.

industrial washing equipment Industrial washing equipment for washing parts with the application of a screw are used for continuous cleaning of the large number of small parts. For example, different fasteners, sanitary ware items or others having similar size. The screw moves the parts from the charging trough via hot cleaning, rinsing and drying areas.

The equipment for pipe cleaning is a complex unit that allows cleaning both the external and internal surface of the pipe. A special unit makes cleaning of pipes from 40 to 250 mm in diameter and up to 12 meters in length. Movable carriages with nozzles are moved outside and inside the pipe, while heated cleaning solution under high pressure is fed to the nozzles. The cycle can be repeated depending on the degree of contamination.

Industrial washing equipment is made of stainless steel and equipped with a number of technical devices to improve the efficiency of the cleaning process. The cleaning solution is heated to the set temperature and injected through the nozzles under high pressure, which ensures the cleaning of parts of any size and configuration. The loading basket, due to a special drive, can rotate, swing in different planes, as well as shake small parts, which also contributes to high quality cleaning.