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Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grips Rekord Engineering produces vacuum grips and design gripping devices according to Customer requirement.

We design and produce gripples of industrial robots as elements of vacuum hoists (robot manipulators). To buy vacuum grip for sandwich panels, please draw up an application on our site. All our equipment is under guaranty, we also perform washing with further installation and commissioning.

You can find out prices for vacuum grips for glass or metal, calling on the phones: +7 (343) 371-82-25 // 77-55 in Ekaterinburg, +7 (391) 250-28-60 in Krasnoyarsk and +7 (495) 973-45-16 in Moscow.

Description of vacuum grips

Vacuum grips are the king of load equipment used for handling activities. Grip operation is based on the application of force generated by the discharge.

Vacuum cups are the main operating elements of the grip. Vacuum is formed between operating units of the grip and the surface of the handled load.

Sphere of application

Gripping devices If you make the analysis of the handling equipment, the vacuum grippers have significant advantages over other analogues. Generally, they are widely used due to the fact that the vacuum grippers do not need additional provision of hinges, they quickly and reliably fasten any loads, despite their size and weight, and also allow you to rotate the goods without problems.

Currently, vacuum equipment for handling activities is used for the execution of various activities, including construction, finishing, installation works and others. Vacuum equipment became critical at transportation of oversize products and materials.

The advantages of our vacuum grips

Vacuum grips produced by Rekord Engineering are characterized by reliable fastening and ability to move various types of materials. This type of equipment is widely used and is in great demand due to its unique features:

Technical peculiarities

Rekord Engineering provide own-produced vacuum grips. Our equipment is characterized by high quality and low prices.

All our products possess unique technical peculiarities, including:

Vacuum grips for glasses

During operation with fragile materials such as glass, special attention shall be paid to the safety of works. Vacuum hoists allow moving glass products quickly and safely.

вакуумные захваты роботов

Vacuum grip for glass provided the large list of advantages and capabilities for erecting personnel and their use is characterized by the following issues:

  1. No traces are left on the glass surface after their fixation by cross arm.
  2. Vacuum grip for glass doesn’t require special care and therefore not many people is required for handling activities.
  3. Thanks to quick movement of glass products by means of special grips, the velocity of installation activities is increased.
  4. The grip can operate with oversize equipment about 1 ton.
  5. The lifting of load on the whole length of manipulator arm.
  6. Suction cup vacuum hoist has a simple structure; therefore, it doesn’t require much training of personnel.

Vacuum grip for sandwich panels

Grip for sandwich panels represents more complex equipment, requiring special drive. The application of this grip excluded the damages of panels and provided even clamp that increases the convenience at operation.

Vacuum grip for sandwich panels consists of several main components:

This type of equipment has high lifting capacity parameters (from 350kg to 3 t), however the cost is much higher than the cost of mechanical grips.