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Assembly conveyor

Assembly conveyor Rekord Engineering executes the complete set of works on automation of the assembly: engineering, production, installation and commissioning of assembly conveyors: transport conveyor, manipulators, control system, provision of relevant software. Then warranty service and assembly lines maintenance is performed.

Moreover, we introduce process lines for food, chemical industry and etc.

To place an order for assembly conveyors and production of its elements, please call: +7 (343) 371-77-55 // 82-25 in Ekaterinburg, +7 (495) 973-45-16 in Moscow, +7 (391) 250-28-60 in Krasnoyarsk.

Assembly line

Currently, no industrial production manages without conveyor complexes. Conveyor is the process system provided for movement of products from one worker to another or from one machine to another. Concrete activity is executed on each working place.

This can be installation of fitting element or additional works with already installed elements or control of the quality of the previous activity.

Assembly lineAssembly conveyor, developed by Henry Ford in 1913 is currently used in automobile industry.

In some complex and multifunctional industries, assembly line is widely used, for instance, on a large automobile factory there is several assembly lines: auto body line, running gear assembly line and etc.

Then finished assemblies are supplied to the assembly conveyor, it is also called Main conveyor and finished autos are produced there.

Process line

Various types of process lines are used in industries, which represent the set of equipment, the units of which are connected to each other and performing the works on one process, essentially, process line represents a conveyor.

Process line is the line of interconnected working places and in-line production represents organization method when the whole process is divided into separate work groups that are executed on process lines. Combined production system can decrease heavy manual operations in the field of mechanical operations and automation.

Assembly conveyor The process is not completely automated, but robot manipulators are widely used at such lines that perform the most time-consuming operations.

Process lines can be divided into one product lines and multiproduct lines. On one product lines, one product is assembled within long period of time. We can provide as an example one product line, on which car Volga was produced from 1957 to 1970 in Gorky.

On multiproduct process lines several types of products similar in technical parameters can be produced that allows production of these items not changing the equipment.

One product continuous process line- the line where the product is in constant operation or is moved from one operation to another. As a rule, equal time is spent for any operation at such lines.

If interruption of works is provided in these lines according to technical conditions and synchronization of some operations is not provided, this line is characterized as discontinuous process line. The example is the production of units for electronic equipment with interruptions for intermediate adjustment.

Adjustable process line is provided for the production of items with similar characteristics. Process and auxiliary equipment can be readjusted but not necessarily. Depending upon the scope of accessories, the line can easily transit from the production of one item to another.

Automatic process line is fully automated production process. Operator programs machines with CNC and robot manipulators. Then the whole process is performed without men, besides emergency situations.