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Panthograph type manipulator

Industrial pantograph-type manipulator is provided for movement of unbalanced parts when it is not possible to locate the grip above center of gravity. The example is industrial manipulator, able to delivering the part to a covered space, for example, a blank under a press or an automotive chair inside the passenger compartment on the assembly conveyor. The manipulator is equipped with a specialized gripper with pneumatic drive, and the normal grip position is closed. If turnaround of the part is required, the grip can be equipped with drive pivot device.

Technical characteristics
Carrying capacity up to 250 kg
Lifting height 1.5 m
Working area sector - 270°, radius – up to 3.5 m
Operating cycle 15 сycles
Air flowrate max. 75 l/cycle
One utility for lifting and grip actuator compressed air 0.6 МPа