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Boom-mounted manipulator

Boom industrial manipulator – the simplest model from the list of industrial manipulators, produced by Rekord Engineering. Boom industrial manipulator is provided for movement of balanced parts. The distinctive feature of boom manipulator is gripping of part above center of gravity. Manipulator control unit is located near handled part that allows positioning of the handled part with high accuracy. Manipulator is equipped with specialized grip with pneumatic actuator, wherein normal position of the grip if “closed”. If turnaround of the part is required, the grip can be equipped with drive pivot device.

Technical characteristics
Carrying capacity up to 200 kg
Lifting height (column height 4.0 m) 0.5 m
Working area sector - 270°, radius – up to 4.0 m
Operating cycle 20 cycles
Air flowrate max 66 l/cycle
One utility for lifting and grip actuator compressed air 0.6 МPа


Industrial manipulators, robotics industry

Nowadays, practically any industrial company can buy robot manipulator. Industrial manipulator is based on spatial mechanisms, possessing different degrees of freedom. Manipulators are used for operation in hazardous environment or in the environment where access to people is not possible. Moreover, manipulators are used as auxiliary robots in the industrial production. Industrial manipulators are widely used in medical equipment for the production of dentures. The theory of machines and mechanisms has separate section, studying industrial manipulators – manipulators theory. A well-know is such manipulator as mechanical arm – industrial manipulator in a narrow sense.

Engineering of robot manipulator

The designing of manipulators requires solving a large number of tasks, such as ensuring mobility, choosing the right ratio of idle and useful travels, and stability in operation. It happens that it is required to design a robot manipulator of special systems, when the operator of the manipulator is able to perceive the effort that is created on the working component or load gripper. Robotics industry manipulator is software-controlled device that is used in production processes to perform tasks that are similar to what a person does, for example, moving of large or heavy weights, painting, precise welding, sorting of products. Designing the robot manipulator is based on the production tasks that the robot shall solve. Robotics industry manipulator has from 2 to 6 degrees of freedom and is capable of moving weights of several hundred kilograms in radius up to several meters.

Robotics industry and manipulators in industrial production

Currently, thousands of companies around the world count on the use of robots in the production. Russia also tries not to lag behind in the race of production equipment. Today, an efficient and competitive enterprise is simply obliged to modernize its production in a timely manner, introduce new technologies, and have a research base. You can make production more efficient by using modern technologies.

A vivid example of such technology can be the introduction of robotics, manipulators in the process chain. Procurement of a robot manipulator is an advantageous solution for production. Robotics manipulators are able to execute process and auxiliary work in an automatic mode.

The advantages of the application of robotics, manipulators are evident:

Nowadays, industrial robot manipulators have become available not only for large factories, but also for medium-sized production enterprises. Currently, it has become more easily to buy a robot manipulator.