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Floor mounted conveyor

Floor mounted conveyor with horizontal closed loop with intermittent action. The principle of floor mounted conveyor is based on the movement of a towing carrying chain located on the guide rails, the configuration of which determines pallet transfer track. The floor mounted conveyor has a "caterpillar" drive that moves the chain.

The drive of floor mounted conveyor is equipped with soft start and stop system.

Tension station of the floor mounted conveyor is designed for periodic adjustment of the chain tension, the inspection station -for periodic monitoring of the chain condition and its lubrication. The floor mounted conveyor is designed for automatic operation. After the power is turned on from the control panel, by means of "Start" button, the command to start the drive of the chain conveyor is given. The green flashing light and audible signals turn on for 10 seconds, after the drive is turned on the signal stops flashing. The drive activates the cardan chain, which in turn moves the pallets with the blanks mounted on them to a specified distance, a multiple of the step of the pallets. After reaching the end position, the drive switches off, the floor mounted conveyor stops. Subsequent switch-ons are automatically performed by the conveyor control system, over preset pause time, thus, each time a transportation cycle is performed before conveyor stop.

Floor mounted conveyor

Pause time, chain movement speed with pallets, cycle time for automatic mode is preset during commissioning of floor mounted conveyor and is not changed during operation. «Run» mode is provided for quick transportation of pallets between positions. After switching on from control board press the button “Run” to give the command to start the drive of the floor mounted conveyor. The drive activates the cardan chain, which in turn moves the pallets, without stops due to pallet position gage activation. After “RUN” button up, conveyor automatically starts to work in standard operating mode. When pressing button “RUN” yellow light is flashing on signal column.

The control system of the floor mounted conveyor also includes the emergency stop function that is activated from the central and individual control panels. When you press the button with the mushroom-shaped pusher, the conveyor stops and the red element of the signal column starts flashing.

Conveyor automatic system provided shutdown of the conveyor in the following cases:

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