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Transport conveyor

Rekord Engineering has a large experience in the production of transport conveyors.

Floor mounter transport conveyor is the unit performing the movement of parts or entire products. In fact, it is the transport system that combines separate objects of process equipment in a complete production cycle.

Zig Zag conveyors were developed in 1938 and are still actively used in various industries. Such conveyors are a kind of equipment for lifting and transporting works and cope with a wide range of production tasks, including search and storage systems.

Rekord Engineering produces Zig-Zag conveyors. Conveyors are manufactures according to modern technologies, from typical modular components made of strong materials. The design of the conveyor has a number of advantages:

Due to this, first of all, long and uninterrupted operation of the equipment is ensured. Secondly, the unit is simple and convenient to operate and can be upgraded and improved. Such hanging conveyors have no analogues.

The production of conveyors at Rekord Engineering includes the creation of effective control systems. Usually the conveyor operates in the clock mode, and the control systems make it possible to stop the unit or perform its soft start. Thanks to this, there are wide opportunities for regulating the performance of production process.

Concerning the production of conveyors, the manufacture of conveyors, you can call us right now!

Floor mounted conveyor is designed for movement of parts (products). It represents the transport system, connecting process equipment in one production cycle.

Chain hanging conveyor

Chain conveyors are widely used in different industries.

The main element of chain conveyors is drive chain. Depending on the service, chain conveyors can consist of one, two or more chains.



Eg, conveyors for transportation of grain can contain one or two chains. For transportation of veneer or plasterboard stacks conveyors with several chains are used.

Chain conveyor, Chain hanging conveyor Drag chain conveyor


Engineering of chain conveyor

The most popular at the moment are the conveyors of the Zig-zag system, which contain a drive roller chain with support pairs of rollers and articulated joints located in two perpendicular planes. Chain hanging conveyor, containing such a chain, placed in a semi-closed profile, has great opportunities for laying the route of the conveyor.


In its development, Rekord Engineering widely uses chain conveyors. Element base for the construction is the products of the Swedish company "Hjort-conveyor".

Due to the flexibility of the element basement, you can get a large number of types of conveyors, for example:

In each specific case, the Customer is offered the most suitable variant of the chain conveyor (designing a chain conveyor). When laying complex routes with bends in different planes, chain conveyors have no alternative. Chain conveyors can be operated at high temperatures (up to 200 °C). Large, in comparison with belt conveyors, the carrying capacity of chain conveyors allows you to move products of greater weight and over long distances.

Drag chain conveyor

Drag chain conveyor with a closed chain can be used in industries with a high content of dust and where the lubricant from the chain shall not ingress the production area. Drag chain conveyor - on favorable terms, just call!

  Конвейер цепной скребковый

All specified advantages of chain conveyors, as well as positive feedback from a large number of users of chain conveyors "Hjort-conveyor", allow you to solve most of the tasks of transporting products in different areas of industry.

Rekord Engineering offers in-house chain conveyors. For more information, please call (343) 371-77-55, 371-82-25 We supply manipulators to any regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries: St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Moscow, Omsk, Tyumen, Kazakhstan, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Ufa, Kazan, Perm, etc.