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Import substitution

импортозамещение оборудования в промышленности

Import substitution of the equipment in industry. Since 2014, Rekord Engineering has established import-substituting production of equipment: we carry out Import substitution in industry, oil and gas industry and military industry for equipment supplied from Ukraine, Western Europe and the USA.

To order import substitution of the equipment or customized production of industrial robots, please contact us by one of the phones specified at our site.



Import substitution of the equipment in oil and gas industry

Please be informed that Rekord Engineering is initiating the design and manufacture of an automated platform for automated pipe supply to the drilling rig (Automated Catwalk). This is one of our works on import substitution in the oil and gas industry.

The purpose of our work is to create modern domestic equipment that meets the requirements of increasing safety and automation of work at the drilling rig as much as possible.

Rekord Engineering has a positive experience of import substitution of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our equipment, being a prototype of such companies as AEC Tube & Pipe, Schoolhill Engineeering, is successfully used for moving pipes in Weatherford divisions in Russia.

You can see the presentation on the performed import substitution works in industry  here.

Currently, we hope to define with your help technical requirements to lifting platform.

We will be glad to any information related to the operation of such platforms in Russia and abroad. Use of different types of drilling rigs, range of heights and pipe feed angles, feed rate, capacity of receiving and storage racks, control (remote control and, or stationary), additional methods of application, drive type, load capacity - we will be glad to any of your proposals and offers.

We hope that our joint initiative will make our work and life a little better.

Import substitution for LLC Ural Lokomotives, Verhnjaja Pyshma

The below extract is taken from the article, published by LLC Ural Lokomotives.

One of the most important tasks at the current stage of development of our enterprise was the creation of a cluster of domestic suppliers around the Ural Locomotives, which will help to maximize the localization of production.

Today there are more than 100 such enterprises, and many of them managed to become reliable partners for our plant. It is about such time-proven suppliers we will tell on the pages of the factory newspaper in the framework of the "Partners" project. Today we will talk about the company Rekord Engineering.

This Ekaterinburg-based enterprise has been cooperating with our plant almost since the foundation of the Ural Locomotives. The key activities of Rekord Engineering are import-substituting production, design and manufacture of non-standard equipment, special technological equipment, industrial manipulators of various types. In addition, the company supplies pneumatic components for the production of electric trains "Lastochka" ЭС2Г.

As the result several similar projects were realized, among them:

The General Director of Rekord Engineering Alexei Grechin emphasizes the importance of joint work with our plant. "Our company is pleased with the fruitful cooperation with the Ural Locomotives. The partnership, that at the end of 2014 will be five years, has proved its high efficiency and preserves its development potential”

Source: Newspaper PROFESSIONAL, LLC Ural Lokomotives №9(106), 2014.