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Automation of mechanical engineering

Rekord Engineering performs works on complex automation of mechanical engineering: Automation of processes in mechanical engineering.

Starting from the formulation of the task, continuing with the development of the automation scheme, the selection of equipment, means of control and management and up to the design, production, installation and commissioning of the relevant equipment: conveyors, robots, manipulators, non-standard equipment, control and management systems, writing software and training employees.

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In modern production, the concept of "Automation" has become one of the dominant in the process of organizing the production process. The main areas that are to be automated in the first place in modern machine-building production are not only the process of manufacturing products, but above all - production planning:

Automation of mechanical engineering

Automation of mechanical engineering Automation of mechanical engineering is the process when control, management and adjustment is carried out by automatic devices.

The difficulties in automation of mechanical engineering are continuous technology is not used.

Manufacturing is the combination of various discrete technologies.

Hundreds of thousands of parts are manufactured in the mechanical engineering industry, and the number of different operations reaches significant values:

Automation in mechanical engineering

Automation of manufacturing processes in mechanical engineering At the present stage, automation of manufacturing processes in mechanical engineering includes the whole range of measures: the equipping of production lines with modern robotic equipment, the introduction of automated process control systems, automation control. When implementing automation, all factors shall be taken into account in the machine-building process: from the engineering point of view, it is often difficult to automate the whole production cycle, and sometimes it is not enough to introduce automation in separate processes that are not related to each other.

In the foundry, for example, the process of batch charging, temperature control and metal pouring into molds is automated. Various sensors associated with the controller, feedback circuits and remote control can minimize the human involvement in this hazardous and harmful production.

Turning, milling and multi-machine tools with numerical control are used in the machining shops for a long time, when a man only enters parameters into the program and starts the entire line of machines. All other operations are carried out by a specialized computer. Moving the blank, placing it on the next machine in the chain and controlling the dimensions with micron accuracy is performed automatically.

Automation of processes and manufacturing in mechanical engineering

The fundamental factor of automation of processes and manufacturing in mechanical engineering is the introduction of APCS (Automated process control system), where control is carried out without direct human participation. The system includes automation of continuous, separate and mixed processes.

As a result, this leads to an increase in the efficiency of production, improvement of the quality of products, as well as to the development and introduction of new samples of industrial products. Everywhere at the enterprises of the machine-building complex, modern software: 1C: Enterprise, 1C: Production Enterprise Management, and other programs are used for the solution of production issues.