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Assembly automation

Assembly automation Rekord Engineering will help to implement any ideas and plans for assembly automation in your manufacturing.  

We design and manufacture assembly conveyors for automation of assembly processes, which include chain, suspension and floor conveyors, manipulators, we can produce industrial robots that will independently move the goods, carry out assembly, packaging, other operations, with the writing of the corresponding software.

We produce auxiliary and non-standard equipment: washing complexes, drying and painting equipment, polymerization furnaces, packaging equipment, pipe handlers, non-standard metal equipment (benches, ramps and etc.).

We perform automation of assembly plants: development and introduction of APCS, supply of the relevant equipment sensors, controllers and etc.), writing and adjustment of software, personnel training.

We also perform guarranty support, repair and equipment modernization.


To consult our engineers on assembly automation in mechanical engineering or other field on your facility, please call on the phones in Ekaterinburg: +7 (343) 371-77-55 // 371-82-25, in Moscow: +7 (495) 973-45-16, in Krasnoyarsk: +7 (391) 250-28-60.

The activities that we perform

Rekord Engineering has a great experience in the sphere of development, designing and introduction of various types of automated industrial equipment.

Assembly automation We offer a wide range of standardized models, many of which are high-quality analogues of well-known Japanese and European designs. Also we have a number of our own designs, competitive in quality, but with significantly low price. But most importantly, we undertake to design and manufacture any unconventional, non-standard equipment. Together with the Customer we create the project of the future product taking into account all branch, economic, technical and other features, we analyze the productivity of the unit using electronic technologies, we constantly improve the initial design in the production process. As a result: modern, reliable, efficient, safe equipment that will help our Client to implement a plan for automation of assembly plant and subsequently successfully and quickly solve complex work tasks.

Assembly work takes 30-40% at average of the total laboriousness of production in mechanical engineering, so automation of assembly processes is vital for this industry, although it is somewhat slower in terms of implementation rates for automation of other processes.


Automation of assembly plants It should be noted that automation of assembly plants, requires considerable investments, but as the result, it is fully justified, because it leads to a significant reduction in the cost of finished products and the expansion of its range. Automated production, if necessary, quickly and inexpensively, can be reoriented to produce new varieties of goods. Moreover, assembly automation is a direct way to improve the quality of products, in large-scale production, which, in turn, due to the economies of scale, leads to a reduction not only in the cost of work, but also allows suppliers to dictate terms for raw material prices.

The most effective is full automation of assembly plants, including all operations on assembly of parts and units to the finished products, but even the so called partial (small) automation provides perceptible effect.