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Automation and robotics of manufacturing and processes

Rekord Engineering performs works on complex automation and robotics of manufacturing and processes: from the development and production of robots and other equipment, to the development and implementation of process control systems and production control systems. Our specialization is industrial enterprises: assembly plants, food, metallurgical industries, production of building materials, etc.

On automation and robotics of production processes and manufacturing, you can call us on: (343) 371-77-55 and 371-82-25 in Ekaterinburg, +7 (495) 973-45-16 in Moscow. We work with all regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries: St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Surgut, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Omsk, Moscow, Tyumen, Kazakhstan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Orenburg, Ufa, Kazan, Vladivostok, Perm, etc.

Prerequisites for the robotics of manufacturing

Each production process has individual features and characteristics, however, in the areas of manufacturing robotics, the prerequisites for the transition to new opportunities are similar. Among the most common circumstances that give rise to the transition to automated work, one can find:

  1. Serial production and a significant volume of products.
  2. The manual labor used at the enterprise is characterized by low efficiency and productivity. In addition, when manual labor is used, mistakes often take place, resulting in a significant amount of defective products.
  3. Manufacture of products that need special accuracy and are characterized by the complexity of manufacturing.
  4. Production processes, during which hired workers are physically difficult to perform their duties in a woodmanlike manner. As a rule, all these operations related to the manufacturing of large-size and weight products.
  5. For a single process, several employees are involved, while the robotics of manufacturing will allow to keep only one person, who will set the parameters of the work of manipulator.
  6. Manufacturing process is characterized by increased danger for a person.
  7. The management is hard to find qualified personnel, or the company spends too much money on training its employees.

Industrial production robotics

Automation and robotics of manufacturing Currently, robots are widely used in industry, food industry, medicine. Thanks to robotics, there is the growth of production efficiency in any field of activity and, as a result, the growth of the economy and the specific GDP per man. As a result, thanks to automation and robotics, a person can work only 40 hours a week, while consuming, at the same time, many benefits of civilization. Nowadays, robots perform a variety of jobs and tasks, this is a simple movement of goods, and complex technological operations.

Specialization of Rekord Engineering is automation and robotics of manufacturing in the part of moving goods using linear handling modules, in particular, FESTO modules.

Robot manipulators, working on the basis of electromechanical or pneumatic linear handling modules, are suitable for most situations when the robotics of mechanical engineering and other industries is planned. This is confirmed by practical experience. The choice of the type of module depends on the specifics of the company's activities. For example, pneumatic modules are effective for those industries where movements take place at low speed and in orthogonal directions. In more complex cases, pneumatic modules with proportional control or electromechanical samples are used. Then it becomes possible to limit acceleration, intermediate positioning, etc.

Robotics of manufacturing Rekord Engineering came to the conclusion that the development and production of robot manipulators on the basis of ready-made modules is the most optimal option for the domestic market. In this case, the timing of production and delivery of units is reduced. Robotics of manufacturing is in demand and actual, and with our scheme of work, it is possible to design practically any type of equipment to solve most of the problems associated with the automation of products movement. We use ready-made modules of well-known manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of the finished units. An optimal control system is selected for each manipulator.

Robot manipulators manufactured by Rekord Engineering can be used in the areas where automation and robotics of manufacturing processes are most effective: mechanical engineering, electronic industry, instrument engineering, food production and others. Depending on the complexity of the robot manipulator, it is completed with the appropriate control systems.

Robotics of processes

robotics of processes Rekord Engineering undertakes the tasks of automation and robotics of individual processes at the enterprise of the Customer. Starting from the preparatory processes: cutting, stamping, casting, turning, welding, followed by assembly, painting, packing, warehousing. We produce washing, drying equipment for auxiliary processes. And also development and implementation of control means and systems for processes and production in general.

Currently, there are many examples of finished projects on the robotics of processes at various industries from all over Russia in our reference list.

The main emphasis, of course, is the automation of movement by robot manipulators. A variety of ways to solve the problem of automation of movements have reached a high level at the moment: due to ready-made modules, you can solve any problem.

We offer, as it seems to us, the most balanced solution for the Russian consumers: designing and manufacturing of robot manipulators on the basis of ready-made modules.

Robotics advantages

Automation и robotics can significantly increase some process parameters of the products. This process is characterized by some advantages that allow to improve the operation of any enterprise: