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Portal robot manipulators

One of the activities of Rekord Engineering is the development and production of portal multiaxis movement systems.

Essentially, it is a portal robot based on linear modules, which moves the gripper with the product by means of a set of linear and rotary actuators. We offer the development of two-coordinate and three-coordinate portal manipulators according to Customer requirements.

Depending on the task, a set of drives is formed from standard components. This approach greatly simplifies the design and makes it cheaper.

We offer the Customer a variety of solutions, depending on the budget and the task. However, reliability and quality is the important condition. The priority is given to products of FESTO, SEW, HIWIN.

Multi-axis portal linear system is a software-controlled object. This device allows you to move manipulation product (tool, blank) along several axes within the workspace with the required accuracy. Along with linear motion along the axes, it is also possible to rotate around them and move along complex tracks.

The use of multi-axis systems allows to significantly increase the degree of automation and, consequently, the efficiency of production. As a result, the duration of the process cycle is reduced, labor costs and economic costs are reduced.

The development of the control system is the part of our work.

The control system can be integrated in the process control system of an enterprise or a site.

Depending on the tasks, various positioning systems, including a vision system, can be used.

Portal Manipulators (PM) can perform their tasks as separate equipment, but are most often used as part of the process chain of the enterprise.

When choosing what device to be applied for solving a problem, manipulator or portal robot, you can focus on the given criteria. These criteria are general, shall be adjusted in each specific case, but are quite acceptable for the evaluation general comparison.

Production of portal manipulatorов by Rekord Engineering

Our main advantage is that we can offer the Customer not only standard samples (for example, the serial products of the well-known company FESTO), but also non-standard equipment. These can be exclusive versions of models, designed for specific conditions of modern multi-axis systems.

The development of the portal manipulator is possible on the basis of the technical assignment provided by the Customer. If the Customer has difficulties with the development of technical assignment, Rekord Engineering is ready to help in the development of the project of the required equipment. In this case, at the initial stage, we discuss all the details and demands to the finished product with the Customer. We use our own standard - the Customer's initial requirements (CIR) to make this process more efficient. This is a set of parameters by means of which the client can state his requirements to the equipment in details and accurately. The preliminary version of CIR is developed by our company independently taking into account all the information received from the Customer, after which the Client makes his corrections and additional information to the CIR.

Design of portal robots on the basis of linear modules for Rekord Engineering is a creative process. First of all, we create an electronic prototype of the finished manipulator, evaluate its effectiveness and compliance with the demands of the Customer to achieve a better result. If required, the initial draft may be amended later.

Due to a responsible and thoughtful approach, the result of our work is high-quality modern portal linear systems. Our products are low-wearing, do not need specialized maintenance, are simple and are available in operation. It shall be noted that the cost of our systems is quite democratic, and every enterprise can buy such equipment.

Development and design of portal manipulators

The development of portal manipulators requires solving a large number of tasks, such as providing mobility, choosing the right ratio of idle and useful travels, and stability in operation.

A multi-axis system is a software-controlled device that is used in production processes to perform various tasks:

The design of two-axis or three-axis portal manipulators is based on the production tasks that shall be solved by this equipment. Multi-axis systems can also be equipped with a system of technical vision, which allows solving even more complex problems.

Portal linear systems in the manufacturing

Currently, thousands of companies around the world stake on the atomization of production processes. Russia also tries to keep up the race of production equipment. Today, an efficient and competitive enterprise is simply obliged to modernize its production in a timely manner, introduce new technologies, and have a research base. You can make production more efficient by using modern technologies.

A vivid example of such technology is the introduction of our portal manipulators, built into the process chain. The procurement of multi-axis system is a profit making decision. Portal manipulators are able to automatically perform process and auxiliary work in an automatic mode.

Advantages of portal robots: