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Pneumatic manipulators

Pneumatic manipulator Rekord Engineering develops pneumatic manipulators of the world's leading brands, in addition we design and manufacture customized non-standard equipment. We have been working on the market for more than 8 years and during this time we have manufactured a large number of pneumatic manipulators and pneumatic robots for process and food industries.

Manipulator uses the power of a pneumatic cylinder to lift large loads. The principle of operation is based on balancing: the weight of the load shall correspond to the capabilities of the cylinder. We manufacture pneumatic robots for production and industry. Our products are characterized by greater carrying capacity and a relatively low price.

Pneumatic manipulator can be used on the facilities with high explosion hazard. The device does not need certification. The important part of the construction is pneumatic muscular. This part is responsible for the movement of objects.

Each robot is developed for certain tasks. The designers pay special attention to vacuum grippers. The closest analogue of the device is a cantilever crane, but the pneumatic manipulator has more precise positioning in space and increased wear resistance. This is especially noticeable with a continuous production cycle.

In addition to the pneumatic muscle it consists of a rubber hose with Kevlar fibers. This component significantly improves reliability. The fibers form a diamond-shaped 3-D pattern. When air is supplied, the pipe expands, and its length is shortened. As a result, there is a force action. The service life is up to 10 000 000 cycles.

Pneumatic robot types

Pneumatic robot Devices can be classified according to application conditions and design features. Not the least role is taken by carrying capacity and the functions performed. Based on these parameters, the following pneumatic robots can be found:

Each device has its own features and scope. Some models are designed to work in a limited space, while others are capable of performing ultra-precise actions.


Pneumatic manipulator Pneumatic Manipulators are widely used in mechanical engineering. They are used to move parts weighing up to 200 kilograms from the conveyor to the processing center. As far as automotive industry concerns, the units are used to transport assemblies, installation of wheels, seats, windows, doors and so on.

A pneumatic robot is also widely used in the chemical industry. It is indispensable when it is required to perform works with bulk materials in explosive areas. They are used even in the food industry for the transportation of bags, boxes, raw materials and so on. The console manipulator perfectly copes with this work.

In the production of construction materials, the unit is used to drag the products or finished products from one place to another., Manipulators help to quickly handle sheet materials in the woodworking industry


Carrying capacity range is 80 to 250 kilograms. The length of the console is 2600-2700 millimeters. The column can be rotated 360 degrees. The supply pressure of the unit reaches 6.5 Bar

Advantages of manipulator

Pneumatic robot All pneumatic robot manipulators have a long service life. They are resistant to high loads and can work in a continuous mode. Advanced models comply with the ATEX safety standard.

Pneumatic robots are easy to maintain and can hold the load in balance with the vertical stroke. The system is fully automated: in case electrical fault, the load will not fall to the ground, as the braking device will be activated. This will hold the grip in the desired position.