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Automation of food industry

Automation of food industry Rekord Engineering performs a complex of works on automation of food production: bakery, dairy, meat, etc. It includes conveyors and manipulators for moving raw materials, customized processing equipment, as well as automation, control and management of food lines. We carry out production, installation and commissioning of equipment. We train employees, provide service and warranty repairs. You can specify details on automation of the food-processing industry, cost of works calling on phones, specified on a site.

Among numerous industries it is the food industry that has a tendency to constant growth in recent years. There are less products of foreign manufacturers on the shelves of shops and more goods are produced in our country. After a sufficiently long period of downtime, our food industry is reaching the level of world standards. This will require the introduction of automation in all food industry enterprises.

Automation examples

Developed and supplied:

1. Box distributor. The distributor guides the boxes that come out of the Box Shaper to one of the two belt conveyors.

2. Box feeder. The feeder directs the boxes coming from the conveyor to the belt conveyor after their filling.

Automation of food industry

Unlike mechanical engineering, the automation of food industry is complicated by the striking difference between food enterprises from each other, and in principle there are no general process solutions between the bakery and fish cannery. Thus, to automate food production, we develop our own automated process control system with a rigid algorithm, certainly, there are systems that can be integrated into any food manufacturing process.

We can mention as an example the automated process control system "Weight flow", which is successfully used at many enterprises of the food industry, but this automated system has nothing to do with the products, but carries out the whole complex of procedures associated with incoming and outgoing vehicles. Weighing, fixing of numbers of vehicles, preparation and registration of accounting documents.

Directly in the workshops, in the preparatory and basic productions facilities for the release of food products, internal automated systems with highly specialized software are used.

The modern dairy plant has several production lines; this is the production of cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and other products. Especially in these areas the human presence in the production areas is highly undesirable, since production is sterile. This is one example when automation of food manufacturing is approaching 100%, - with the help of video cameras, the dispatcher can observe any stage of the process, all the information from multiple sensors comes to the control.

This includes not only data on temperature and pressure, but also the results of chemical quick tests. If necessary, the dispatcher on duty can suspend the production process or change some parameters remotely. The specialist can enter the sterile zone only in the most extreme case.

Automatic devices constantly perform biochemical analysis not only of raw materials, but also air in the premises. The level of automation of production processes is quite high at all enterprises of the food industry. The same situation exists in enterprises producing medicines.

Program 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management is used to solve tasks related to the processing of documents, financial planning, contacts with Suppliers and Customers, but as a basis, and for a particular enterprise corrections and changes are made. For example, the well-known software product - Bakery Management, was developed as an addition to "1С: MPP.