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Interoperable movements

The quality and reasoning of the solutions of Record Engineering in the field of interoperational movements helps to improve the safety of work and preserve the health of workers.

Research report on "The level of work organization and labor productivity" (commissioned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the European Union).

The opinion of 102 UK business leaders on the approach to occupational safety and health (chart above):

1. 68% believe that low level of occupational safety and health affects productivity and efficiency, 58% consider this as a factor in deteriorating the quality of products and services, and 64% consider this to be the determining factor in the level of sales and profits;

2. 79% specified that the level of health and safety determines the corporate image, 68% believe that this will continue in the future, 58% saw the impact of occupational safety and health on brand protection, 81% of respondents rated corporate image management as a very important issue for their organization.

How to prevent a muscle-skeleton disorder of a person?

(based on the report of the European Agency for Health and Safety).

Muscle-skeleton disorder is the most common chronic health disorders among millions of European workers, found in all sectors of industry. It costs billions of euros to the economy of the European Union. The main problems are pain and overstrain of the back and hands, as well as leg ailments. This applies to all sectors of the economy in all countries. Once appeared, muscle-skeleton disorder is refractory, sometimes it leads to unceasing pain and disability of the worker. However, most problems can be prevented or reduced by a health and safety management system.

Extracts from European security measures (Dir.89/391 art.6.2)

An example from the annual report of the European Agency for Safety and Health at the Henkel Ibérica, Barcelona.

Problems considered: loading of bags with detergent into pallets, loading of raw materials into the mixer.

Risks: the possibility of muscle-skeleton disorder due to the manual transfer of such weights as bottles, bags, and in uncomfortable positions.



Record Engineering produces high-quality industrial manipulators, which in turn improve the ergonomics of interoperational movements in the enterprise, which leads not only to labor efficiency, but also to the preservation of workers' health.