Industrial automation, robot manipulators, non-standard equipment

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Industrial automation

промышленная автоматизация производстваIndustrial automation of Rekord Engineering is engaged in complex automation process of industrial production.

Several levels are included in the concept of automation. Starting from mechanization of hand work to its complete exclusion and transfer of control functions to APCS.

We produce washing and conveyor equipment, manipulators and control systems. It allows automation of industrial companies of different complexity level.

We produce wide range of non-standard equipment according to metal-consuming structures to automation complexes on a turn-key basis. You can review the examples of last projects and implemented systems on complex industrial automation in Section “Last projects”.

Automation in industry from Rekord Engineering and

автоматизация в промышленностиautomation in industry Industrial automation is the main activity area of LLC Rekord Engineering. All our activity in the sphere of automation in industry can be conventionally divided into three main directions – development of automation systems, their maintenance and production of the required equipment.

We perform the following set of activities:

  1. Task analysis;
  2. Development:
    • Original requirements;
    • Technical project;
    • Detailed documentation;
  3. Production;
  4. Tests;
  5. Installation;
  6. Personnel training.


автоматизация промышленных предприятий Industrial automation Rekord Engineering is dynamically developing company, the key task of which is the development and design of effective solutions for automation of industrial companies or individual processes of the enterprise.

We offer prime services in the field of industrial automation.

Our advantages, that Customer can use for its own benefit:

Our company performs complex industrial automation on the whole territory of Russia and the Baltics and the CIS. You can call us and we answer all your questions!

Main types of products and services

Foreign manipulators overview::

Industrial automation:

In-house design manipulators:

Industrial washing equipment:


Industrial manipulator is provided for gripping, lifting (by means of controlled pneumatic drive) and movement (operator muscular energy) of materials. DATA SHEET. QUESTIONNAIRE.

Rekord Engineering received the certificate that entitles the company to be called the official authorized partner of LLC FESTO-RF on 11.02.2013.

Design, production and supply of non-standard equipment

Using complex approach to interoperable handling, in some cases it is feasible to use industrial manipulators together with light floor or overhead conveyors.

Washing machine (washing complex). Is provided for the operation as part of overhead or floor conveyors.

Import substitution equipment production